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The Ultimate Guide To Giving Good Vibes❤️

Sweetberry Good Vibes Only

When we founded Sweetberry in 2017, we knew that we were going to build something big. Our mission is to bring healthy food and good vibes to local communities around the world. Before building our first location, we wrote down our core values, and what we wanted Sweetberry to stand for. We created our "Food Intention" which is the foundation of our mission and core values. You can view it at the end of this article.

Sweetberry Made With Good Vibes

We are a people-first company, and we will always do what's right. Our mission is to "Give Good Vibes." You might ask yourself what that actually means. Our mantra of "Giving Good Vibes" is a way of life. When customers have an experience at our restaurants, we want to make sure that there was something special about the visit, not just the delicious food. Even if the gesture is simply asking "How are you?" - we believe that by giving good vibes, our customers and others will continue to spread the mantra.

We are utilizing Sweetberry as a platform to spread our mission and cause through our locations, staff, social media, and reach. We want people to live healthy and fulfilling lives by spreading good vibes with acts of kindness.

How Can You Join The "Give Good Vibes" Movement?

You can simply give everyday. Start small with one act of kindness per day. "Giving" does not necessarily mean giving money or something material like food or clothes. It can simply mean doing something nice for someone else, which makes them feel good. You will be surprised with how this affects your own well being everyday. You can even start by doing something nice for yourself everyday, which will help kick start this new mindset. Below are 5 things you can do for yourself everyday to make your life better, which will prepare you for giving to others.
  1. Create a Daily Intention - When you wake up write down an intention for yourself for the day. It can be something like "Make sure I workout before work," or "Talk to my boss about that promotion that I wanted." There is a lot of power in writing down an intention and making it real.
  2. Create a Daily Intention For Someone Else - Write down a purposeful intention specifically for someone else, even if it is a stranger. Examples- Just tell your significant other you love them or stop by the musician you pass in the subway every day and tell them thank you for their music every day. Instead of thinking about these things, write them down and act out on them.
  3. Practice Gratefulness - This is one of the most underrated things you can do every day. In the morning, write down one thing that you are grateful for. It can be a person, an activity, your work, anything. Examples- Grateful for health, loved ones, resilience, promotion, or just being alive.
  4. Create a Journal to Reflect- Writing about great things that happened throughout your day can help with reflecting on good things that happened to you or other people. It can also be a catalyst for helping you live this mindset every day.
  5. Meditate - Some of the most successful people in the world meditate every day. Even if it is 5-10 minutes per day, meditation can help you navigate through stress and reflect on important things.
It is important to take care of yourself. We highly encourage practicing the 5 steps above for yourself. When you feel good about yourself, that spirit will become contagious. Now spread that to other people. Below is a list we came up with for you to "Give Good Vibes "everyday. Pick one thing on the list per day, and see how many items you can get through in the next couple of weeks.
  1. Call Someone - Instead of texting, pick up the phone and call an old friend or family member that you have not spoken to in a long time. Tell them that you were thinking about them, ask about what is going on in their life, and make a mutual promise to keep in touch with each other. Extra Points - Use Facetime or a video chat as it is more personal.
  2. Compliment Someone - give your friend, family member, coworker, or even a stranger a compliment out of the blue. Saying something like "You look great today," or "I am proud of you," can affect someone in significant ways.
  3. Give Recognition - Recognition goes a long way. Find a coworker, boss, or colleague and tell them they are doing a great job at work. Let them know that their work is much appreciated.
  4. Help a Stranger - This one is always fun. See someone in need that is changing a tire? Give them a hand. What about someone loading their groceries? You can help someone cross the street. Take a look around you, there is always someone that needs help, and be safe about it!
  5. Mentor Someone - Find someone that you can mentor. This is one of the most fulfilling things you can do for both parties. It can be a newbie at work, or someone that just joined your sports team. Create a lasting relationship where someone can come to you for advice and help when needed.
  6. Buy Lunch For Someone- Treat a coworker to lunch, or even the stranger behind you on line. Food is the way to someone's heart!
  7. Give a Generous Tip- We know how hard people in the restaurant industry have to work. Give an extra-generous tip to your server, and leave a nice note on the receipt.
  8. Write a Handwritten Letter- There is nothing more powerful than written words. Write a nice letter to someone and hand-deliver it to them or put it in the mail.
  9. Say a Prayer for Someone- Pray for someone in need, or if you don't pray, then have them in your thoughts and send them love.
  10. Treat Everyone to Coffee & Breakfast- Be the hero at work with coffee and bagels. Even better bring a box of donuts or munchkins.
  11. Gift a Book- Take a look at your book collection and pick one of your favorite books that may inspire someone. Gift them your copy or order them a new one from Amazon.
  12. Cook Dinner For Someone -Invite someone over for lunch or dinner and cook them a meal with your hands instead of ordering in or eating out. Food tastes better when it is homemade.
  13. Gift a Massage -Who doesn't like massages? Give someone a massage or if you do not know how then give them a gift card.
  14. Buy Someone a New Outfit - Do you know someone that needs a new pair of kicks? Or a coworker that needs a new suit? Even a t-shirt or accessory can take someone by surprise as a kind gesture.
  15. Donate Old Clothes -Clean out your closet and give your digs away to someone else that needs it. You can start by putting together a bin and giving it to someone you know like siblings or friends to make it more personal. There are always donation boxes in
  16. Take Someone On a Ride- This can be completely random and fun. Get in your car and go pick up a friend. Show up at their house as a surprise and take them out to eat or somewhere to hangout.
  17. Leave an Anonymous Note- Leave a nice note for someone anonymously. You can leave it on their desk, door, car, or wherever they will notice it. Let them know they are appreciated.
  18. Choose Someone on Social Media to Help - There are plenty of people on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc putting themselves out there asking for advice or help. Choose someone, even if it is a stranger, and take some time out of your day for a phone call. You never know where that call may lead to.
  19. Give Flowers to Someone - Pick flowers from your garden, or grab a bouquet from your local store and give it someone just for the hell of it.
  20. Support Local- Find a local business that you love and tell the owner that you love what they do and you come their all the time because of them. Sometimes hearing that means more to the owner than anything else.

We hope that this article and guide helps you understand our "Give Good Vibes" Mantra at Sweetberry, and inspires you to join our movement. Share this article with someone and let us know which items you were able to do. Share your stories with us so that we can share them with the world!

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