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Acai berries are native to the Amazon region and are considered a staple food in South America. It is even considered a super fruit. Acai has a dark purple color, looks like a blueberry, and is known to have an abundance of nutritional value and antioxidant properties.
Smoothies have proven benefits to people's health. It reduces cholesterol levels. Replacing heavy meals with smoothies will help cut bad cholesterol in a diet. It also boosts immunity. Fruits and vegetables in smoothies are proven to greatly help fight diseases as it contains vitamins and fiber that a human body needs to fight illnesses.
Sweetberry Bowls Glen Rock is on the main street of Glen Rock, NJ right on Rock Rd. The restaurant is a great place to hang out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. Sweetberry provides food for pick up to eat at home, indoor dining at the restaurant, and of course delivery.